Animal Hospital, Alforjis (Lisbon), Trigger, Nate Tucker at DAP

Thu, Oct 3, 2019 at 7:30pm

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Animal Hospital
Animal Hospital is often Kevin alone constructing music from scratch w/ an array of sounds containing enough parts to employ - at times- many musicians referencing many familiar aspects of rock and pop as well as more conceptual perceptions of what people consider music. As of 2011, Animal Hospital has explored new avenues for live performance in large ensemble formats and sound installation.

Alforjis (Lisbon, Portugal)
The Lisbon trio is composed of Mestre André on electronics and saxophone, Bernardo Álvares on contrabass
and Raphael Soares on drums.
Alforjs is a strange saddlebag on the back of the muleteer that crosses different landscapes,
traditions and rituals that fill it with different artefacts and relics. Deformed from the swelling
provoked by all these cultural objects he collects, its original weft is what unites all these references
and transports them to another existence, in a new form.

Trigger (NY, NY)
"Trigger blew my mind and many others as they ripped through a set of John Zorn's Bagatelles in Victoriaville."

Nate Tucker
musician and composer, is based in Boston at the BCA Artist Studio Building. Tucker works regularly with some of the city's finest artists and arts institutions. As a performer you can catch Nate Tucker performing with collective ensemble, DanceNite, consisting of DJs, musicians, visual artists and dancers. Tucker can also be seen as a core percussionist for Juventus New Music Ensemble and DJing the Donkey Show at American Repertory Theater's Club Oberon from time to time.

Dorchester Art Project

1486 Dorchester Avenue
Dorchester, MA 02122

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