Spirits Having Fun (Chicago), Dee-Parts (mems Mini Dresses), Kevin Wynd and LANE @Dorchester Art Project

Thu, Jul 11 at 8pm

  • All Ages
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Spirits Having Fun (IL/NY)

Chicago-via-NYC outfit Spirits Having Fun make the kind of music that is perhaps never encountered the same twice. So, in announcing their debut album Auto-Portrait, out in June via Ramp Local, they are sharing but an iteration of themselves, one that is to be manipulated and reinvented again and again upon future performances of its nine songs. Coming from such eclectic backgrounds as jazz and composition, ska and punk, folk and synthpop, the members of Spirits Having Fun (Katie McShane, Jesse Heasly, Andrew Clinkman, and Phil Sudderberg) are at home with improvisation, but only/especially because of their affinity for each other, musically. “Collaborative magic,” they call it. The result is a genre-bending blend of scattered yet undeniably infectious melodies coasting along ever-adaptable rhythmic patterns. Dissonant and chaotic at times, completely and lovingly alluring at others…Auto-Portrait is a record with which you can wrestle, or you can hug.


Dee-Parts (mems. of Mini Dresses)


Lane (mems. of The Channels, Old Wave, Palehound, etc.)
Wes Kaplan’s new baaand


Kevin Wynd
you know the guy


Dorchester Art Project

1486 Dorchester Avenue
Dorchester, MA 02122

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