Virtual Shorts: VEGA

Sat, Feb 24 at 12pm

This event has passed.

A collection of shorts sharing various human encounters—with the skies, AI, paparazzi, and time-traveling weed.

Crosstunnels: Religion in the Age of Artificial Intelligence.

Starship: An astronaut fulfills her fathers dreams.

Heir of the Galaxy: A former child star from a popular sci-fi blockbuster tries to redefine himself twenty years later. But paparazzi, hate comments, and his controlling mother won't let him forget a childhood in the spotlight.

MÅNGATA: Little Alya loses her father crossing the Mediterranean Sea to seek sanctuary, in small a boat that capsizes. She is spotted by rescuers thanks to Mångata—“the road to the moon”. Many years later, when Alya is an astronaut, the moon offers a chance to move past her childhood trauma.

Space Trip: A two-part comedic short that's ultimately as much about post-COVID agoraphobia as it is about a confused pilot who winds up in uncharted space after a hit of time-traveling marijuana.

Recollector: A futuristic detective attempts to solve a murder case by infiltrating the victim's last moments of life, while dealing with the mental anguish and torment his profession brings.

This program will premiere at the Virtual Boston Sci Fi Film Festival through Filmocracy at noon and will be available to stream for 48 hours. 

Virtual Platform

02116, MA