HAUNTED ULSTER LIVE + Q&A with Director Dominic O'Neill

Fri, Feb 23 at 5pm

This event has passed.

(Ireland, 2023) In Northern Ireland circa 1998, a local TV crew at a haunted house for a live Halloween broadcast sees everything go to hell when its hired medium dredges up a nasty ancient spirit. Meanwhile, cut-ins for news breaks and commercials make it clear that the area's horrors aren't confined to the house. Taking initial inspiration from a notorious, 30 year-old BBC horror program, Haunted Ulster Live goes in its own direction, spinning an original found footage tale with a thick vein of humor and a distinctly Irish perspective. 78 mins.

Bonus Feature! Enjoy a conversation with Dominic O'Neill, the director of Haunted Ulster Live, who touches on the inspiration for the film and how the film reflects his experiences growing up.

This film will premiere at the Virtual Boston Sci Fi Film Festival through Filmocracy at 5 PM and will be available to stream for 48 hours.

Virtual Platform

02116, MA