Virtual Shorts: TARAK

Wed, Feb 21 at 5pm

This event has passed.

Seven short films of humans facing existential crises and robots seeking human connection.

  • The Dark Odyssey 2 - Ice Nexus: Animated puppets enact a brain-melting space fantasy about a quest to recapture the Inventory of the Mind.
  • New Moon (Eps 1, 3, 6, 9): Alan Twombly wins a trip to the moon, but when the companies that sent him go bankrupt, he's stuck there.
  • My Protector (My Beskermer): In a land where machines hunt Earth’s last survivors, the stubborn child of a vulnerable family is forced to prove herself as a protector. 
  • Contact Man: A superhero or a weapon, his purpose his unknown.
  • They Come From the Sky: When two sisters are hunted by mysterious creatures, they find themselves in a race against time race as one of them falls ill. After one of them tragically dies, a surprising discovery about their true identities comes to light.
  • A Robot's Dream: Two robots, equipped with Artificial Intelligence, roam the post apocalyptic world looking for humans to give them their purposes.
  • TRIGGER.CHARLIE.ONE: In the face of her doubts, a naval commander must follow orders and press the launch button triggering the earth’s final nuclear apocalypse.

This program will premiere at the Virtual Boston Sci Fi Film Festival through Filmocracy at 5 PM and will be available to stream for 48 hours.

Virtual Platform

02116, MA