Virtual Shorts: REEVA

Tue, Feb 20 at 5pm

This event has passed.

Six sci fi and horror shorts that explore modern fears and unusual perils.

  • Entrainment: Trapped in a fractured quantum realm, a broken nightclub owner fights to regain his memory in order to save himself, and the love of his life.
  • Sentence: An AI writing tool trained with ruthless efficiency rains down words on the few tenacious human writers still left in the realm of creation.
  • Suck: When the host of a lakeside getaway emerges from the water after being mysteriously sucked under, his guests soon discover that he's also become host to a thirsty parasite.
  • Floater: A patriarch's Elvis-style death unleashes in his son a pathological obsession with the last thing his father left behind.
  • The String Above the Stars Two astronauts break protocol outside the International Space Station.
  • Universe 25: A woman struggles to maintain her sanity when she finds herself trapped in a room under constant video surveillance, with two beds and a monthly rotation of new cellmates.

This program will premiere at the Virtual Boston Sci Fi Film Festival through Filmocracy at 5 PM and will be available to stream for 48 hours.

Virtual Platform

02116, MA