Sat, Feb 18 at 8:30pm

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(Japan, 2023)  In the Summer of 1978, Hiroshi, a high school student, is so fascinated by “Star Wars” that he builds a miniature spaceship, and shoots it with his 8mm film camera. Terao, a camera shop employee, suggests that he should make it into a movie, so he decides to make a short film with his friends, Yoshio and Sasaki, to be shown at the upcoming school festival. When he comes across an 8mm film camera that can actually film backwards, he comes up with the story called, “Time Reverse,” in which aliens attempt to reverse time on Earth to restart human evolution. Natsumi, a girl of his dream, agrees to play the heroine at the last minute, so they can finally go about filming over the summer vacation. It is a kind of autobiographical coming-of-age film by director Kazuya Konaka, who once was a student film director, showing the entire process of making a film from inception to completion, including screenwriting, casting, shooting, editing, sound mixing, etc.

d.  Konaka Kazuya

c.  Uemura Yuu, Takaishi Akari, Fukuzawa Noa, Kuwayama Ryuta, Kawakubo Takuji, Sato Yusuke

Somerville Theatre

55 Davis Sq
Somerville, MA 02144

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