North American Premiere Screening of THE DUST WALKER

Sat, Feb 8 at 1pm

  • Monster-Movie
  • Female-Centric
  • Australian
General Admission
$16.92 with fees
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"A genre hybrid of alien sci-fi and thriller – The Dust Walker will keep its audiences on a fast journey, making the 24-hour time frame intensely adventurous, horrific and chilling." -SC Film International

(Australia, 2019) As if Australia isn't having a tough enough time, in a small, isolated town things are not looking good. Neighbors are contracting a disease which makes them extremely violent and homicidal. No one seems immune. The survovors huddle together trying to make it through the night while the local sheriff works the problem. She discovers it isn't a disease, but a parasite; an alien parasite. Terrifc cinematography, solid acting by the female leads, and a steady helmier places The Dust Walker above many other genre films.

Directed by Sandra Sciberras and Grace Luminato.

Cast: Jolene Anderson, Stef Dawson (Hunger Games), Talina Naviede.

Somerville Theatre

55 Davis Sq
Somerville, MA 02144

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