Opening Night Premiere Screening of PROXIMA

Fri, Feb 7 at 7pm

  • Opening Night
  • Action/Drama
  • East Coast Premiere
  • France, 2019
  • d: Alice Winocour
This event has passed.


"A significant, ambitious and entirely impressive film by a dazzling young French director in full command of her ship." ~ Screen Int'l

The only woman in the European Space Agency program is challenged as she prepares for a year long flight. In her private life, she lives with her precocious eight-year-old daughter Stella.  The tug-or-war between the two worlds tears at the love for her daughter & the love for her ambitions..Cast: Eva Green, Matt DillIon, Zélie Boulant.

Directed by Alice Winkour.

Somerville Theatre

55 Davis Sq
Somerville, MA 02144

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